The top 5 reasons to get your roof inspected if you believe you may have storm damage.

HiringWhen a storm rolls through your neighborhood, you may not know how badly your home was hit or if it has been affected at all. So if you think you may have damage to your home as a result of a storm, here are the top 5 reasons you should get it inspected.

  1. Leaks may not be immediately apparent: A tree falling through your roof is an easy and immediate issue to find, but small leaks can be much trickier to track down. Damaged roofing or cracked siding allows water to start getting into your home that may not be apparent until the next big rainstorm. Oftentimes, water will travel significant distances along beams or other structures before pooling enough to become visible. So a leak in your roof may present itself as dripping all the way down in your basement or not even show at all.
  2. If you plan on selling, it could be an issue later on: Most mortgage lenders these days require a home inspection and insurance before issuing a mortgage on a home. Most insurers will require that any roof damage be fixed prior to underwriting. Unrepaired storm damage on the roof could result in a bargaining tool for the buyer and cost you thousands in paying for the repairs yourself or reducing the asking price.
  3. It doesn’t cost you anything: An inspection from TJR is free and 100% worth it (Check out our free inspection offer here). Whether you end up needing repairs or your roof is in pristine condition, the peace of mind from knowing is worth it.
  4. A pro knows what to look for: After a storm, many home owners pull out their ladders and take a look at their house. What may look OK to an average Joe could indicate a serious issue to a roofing Pro. A Pro will be able to discern the difference between damage from a storm and an aging roof, which are important when it comes to insurance.
  5. Insurance claim evidence: When it comes to storm damages and insurance, timeliness is important. The sooner you get your inspection and establish the evidence, the sooner you can launch your claim and move on to getting your home restored to its original glory.

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